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19 September 2016

Freestyle Skateboarders – 2016

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This past Saturday was the 2016 edition of Antrim’s Home and Harvest festival.

Among the events that are part of this annual event is  freestyle skateboarding at the skate park that is part of the town’s Memorial Park. I have had fun photographing the skaters in years past (here is last years post) and thus made it a priority for this year.

At one point, I spent too long knelling on the ground and was not sure that my knee was going to let me stand up again… very embarrassing when all of these young athletic guys are flying through the air and mostly landing on their feet!

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23 September 2015

Flying Guys*

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Last weekend was Antrim’s Home and Harvest Festival… a combination of street fair, parade, barbecue with fireworks, etc. A little bit of something for everyone.

That little bit of something for me was the competition at the skateboard park.

Although I am too old for skateboards now and their introduction on the east coast was a bit late for me to catch in my youth, I greatly enjoy combination of athleticism and revolt (outsiderism?) that skateboarding represents.

Thus, I took up a position behind the quarter pipe and snapped away while dodging the occasional errant skate board.

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* I usually photograph flying animals (odes and birds)  so maybe this is not as far off topic as it seems!


20 September 2014

Home and Harvest – 2014

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One of the markers of early autumn for me is Antrim’s Home and Harvest festival; this year was the eleventh annual edition.

Along with many vendors spread out along Main Street and a multitude of activities for the kids, the main activities for the weekend are a parade on Saturday morning, skateboard racing all day long and a chicken barbecue organized by the Lions Club topped off with fireworks.

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