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1 August 2019

Poking Around Town

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Yesterday afternoon I headed to town to drop off some photos for an upcoming exhibition at the library. As I headed back to the truck, I noticed the nice light. There were dark gray clouds (and presumably rain) just to the south. We were clearly on the edge of this weather system.

I was inspired to get out my camera and to poke around the old Goodell Company mills across the street from the library. It sprinkled very lightly and for only a few minutes while I explored.

Most of my non-wildlife work these days is in black and white. However one of the first things that struck my eye yesterday was the wonderful combination of weathered blue paint and rusty hinges on a mill building door. Thus the resulting photo and the next one I made (of a nearby window) are rarities in my oeuvre.

After I finished poking around “downtown”, I decided to head to the Antrim Center and Meetinghouse Hill (the original “downtown”). It is about three miles from the library to the top of the hill.

I may have a need for a photo of a stone wall for the next issue of the Limrik and there are plenty of stone walls on Meetinghouse Hill. Of course, the same can be said about the rest of Antrim… or New Hampshire… or New England! However, I am particularly fond to those on Meetinghouse Hill.

On the way by, I stopped and made a couple of photographs of the Stone Church, where Joan and I were married some thirty nine plus years ago. For some reason, I have not made many photographs of this building.

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19 January 2015

Sermons in Stone

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Joan’s old friend Sally sent me a copy of a wonderful book about stone walls for the holidays.

I finished the book, Sermons in Stone by Susan Allport, last week and was inspired to photograph the snowy walls along Brimstone Corner Road.

All of these photos were made within a quarter mile of the house.

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14 January 2011

Around the (new) house – New Hampshire Winter

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Joan and I recently acquired a new house in New Hampshire where we plan to live upon retirement in a few years.The house, a classic New England Cape, is, according to some, way out of town!

It is the second-to-last house on the maintained section of an old dirt road. It sits on a bit more than six acres of land with stone walls on two sides and a nice beaver swamp at the back of the property. The back of the lot abuts property owned by NH Audubon which is part of a large (probably a couple thousand acres) tract of “wilderness”. Pretty much paradise by this nature photographers reckoning!

In the future,  I am sure that there will be many photos of the wildlife that the shallow, still, water of a small beaver swamp attracts. Come spring, I am planning to build a semi-permanent blind in which I expect to spend many early mornings and evenings.

But for now, I am content to photograph animal tracks in the snow, stone walls in the snow, random rocks in the snow… well, you get the idea… a New Hampshire winter… aah!

Here are the photographic results from the first couple of weeks since we (sort of) moved in:

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Thanks for looking.

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