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16 January 2019

The Profound, the Prosaic and Other Details

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My friend Bill wanted to make my portrait. Why me, I have no idea! However, when it comes to such things, I know not to question another’s choices as there is no “right” or “wrong” in art.

Thus, we met yesterday for lunch at the Harrisville General Store before getting down to “work”. I arrived, at most, ten minutes before Bill. In that interval, I made these photographs, all within a hundred feet of the store’s front door.

After a bowl of wonderful soup, we headed to the house and got to work making portraits. I am very interested to see the result.

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The first photograph in this series, reminded me of another photo of a black board I made almost ten years ago, see: Rule #47.

4 December 2017

Thursday Walk — Details

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Last Thursday I carried my camera while I took my daily walk.

The sun was low in the western sky. It dipped below the ridge about a half hour before astronomical sun set; I was only half way back to the house on the return leg.

I seem to have had an eye for details this day.

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12 September 2013

Retirement, Taking Advantage of

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Yesterday (Wednesday)  was a hot, sticky, summer day.

After lunch, we decided to take full advantage of retirement and headed down to camp. We had the lake to ourselves.

I took the “ode rig” along, but saw only seven or eight odes (all on the wing) over the few hours we were out. Ode season is coming to an end and there are signs of autumn everywhere.

I spent some time wandering the woods near camp and practiced my photographic “seeing”.

Here are the results:

[scrollGallery id=227 autoscroll = false width = 600 height = 600 useCaptions = true]

Yes… the colors in the first photo (Decaying Bole #1) are “true to life”.

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