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31 December 2011

Twelve Images

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“ Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” – Ansel Adams (1)

The end of another year… I suppose that it is natural to reflect back on the past year. In reflecting on my photography Adams’ quote came to mind.

This got me thinking about editing one’s work and the adage “You are known by the what you show  not the what you shoot” (2) also came to mind.

While searching (unsuccessfully) for the source of this adage, I came upon a quote from a travel photographer which is also apropos:

“It can be a trap of the photographer to think that his or her best pictures
were the ones that were hardest to get.” – Timothy Allen (3)

Thus inspired, I decided to see if I could choose just twelve photos to represent my work for the year. It was not as hard as I thought it might be.

I make no claims to their “significance” and I am certainly no Ansel Adams.

Here they are…

[nggallery id=116]


(1)  Although widely attributed to Adams, I can not find specific source for this quote; maybe it is apocryphal.

(2) At least I think this is an adage and not a quote attributable to a specific individual.

(3) See:


P.S. for the statisticians in the crowd… I made photos on 82 days in 2011 and exposed about 12,000 “frames” total (ain’t digital wonderful… who could have afforded that with film!).  I processed about 1000 of those frames… roughly 8%.  This last number is actually pretty meaningless. I do a lot of “exploratory” shooting just because digital is cheap and I can… I am not intending that every shot I take is a “keeper”.


  1. Nice reflections upon your photographic year. Why is it that chipmunks always look so cute and friendly?

    Comment by Dana Lipp — 1 January 2012 @ 10:25 AM

  2. Great selections – not sure if I could whittle my images from the year to a mere ten, or a hundred for that matter.

    Dana, as far as cute and friendly chipmunks, ask my brother about the run-in he had with Chipmunk Dale at WDW a few years back. Dale eventually was THROWN over the wall for harassing my little brother.

    Comment by Just Joe — 1 January 2012 @ 11:31 PM

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