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27 March 2022

Weathersfield Center, Vermont

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This afternoon, I went to the “Open Portfolio” event* at the Vermont Center for Photography.

As is often my habit when headed to Brattleboro, I meandered in that direction rather than taking the direct route.

Today, my meander took me through, among other places, Weathersfield Center, Vermont; a place that I had not visited before. The sum total of Weathersfield Center (other than a few houses) is an unusual (in that it is made of brick) and stately meeting house with a marble** (of course…this is Vermont after all!) Civil War memorial out front.

It was a cold and dreary day with intermittent snow showers as I drove…Perfect conditions for making photographs with my camera obscura.

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Meeting House (Weathersfield Center, VT)
Meeting House (Weathersfield Center, VT)
Civil War Memorial (Weathersfield Center, VT)
Civil War Memorial (Weathersfield Center, VT)

* At these bimonthly events, folks gather to share photographs and garner feedback about them.

** Geology note… the Connecticut River (the border between Vermont and New Hampshire) valley is the boundary of two tectonic plates. The Vermont side was in geologically recent times a seabed and thus Vermont is know for its marble, a metamorphic rock formed from the sedimentary rock, sandstone. On the New Hampshire side, the rocks are much older and New Hampshire is known for its granite, an igneous rock.

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  1. Camera Obscura nailed it! So many quaint towns and so little time. . .

    Comment by Joe Kennedy — 28 March 2022 @ 7:53 AM

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