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20 December 2020

My Father’s Train

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Electric trains were a holiday tradition in our house when I was young. The trains came down from the attic with the Christmas decorations in mid-December and went back up in early January.

There were two sets of trains. A “modern” set that my brother and I got for Christmas one year in the early 60s and to which a new car or two was added on each subsequent year. The second set was one that my father had when he was young. It probably dates from about 1940.

Both sets ran on the same tracks and we played with both. My father’s set consisted of a very sleek engine and two passenger cars. I seem to remember that the were somewhat balky in their operation. Not surprising, given their age. The “modern” set, consisting of freight cars including a missile launcher car (this was after all, the cold war!) made for more interesting play.

I have no idea what has become of “my” set. However, my father’s set recently came into my possession. When we moved my Mom to assisted living this Fall one of the boxes that ended up at our house contained the train set. When I got the box home, I stowed it in our garage and did not think much about it until last week.

When I opened the box last week, I found the three trains (engine and two passenger cars) that I remembered (in their original boxes) along with a receipt dated 2005 for their refurbishment. Also in the box are four unopened boxes of brand spanking new train track and a modern power supply. I don’t think that my father ever set them up after getting the trains fixed up.

I was inspired to make a photo of the engine. The box of trains is currently sitting in our house, I should probably set them up and give them some exercise. We’ll see…

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Lionel Model Train Engine
Lionel Model Train Engine

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  1. I won’t waste any time here.

    Go and set up the trains – give them some fresh air and track to enjoy!

    Both Jack Alexander and Bill Parker from Hockomock had amazing layouts of trains. Both fill about two rooms. I was fortunate to visit with them and watch them in action. I received an engine and a few feet of track many years ago but no transformer. I was able to run my locomotive on Jack’s layout. Quite the thrill!

    So, go, set it up and post the pix!

    Comment by Joe Kennedy — 20 December 2020 @ 8:57 AM

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