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24 June 2019

More Experiments

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I have a shoe box full of random lenses mostly salvaged from various devices over the years. This afternoon, I took the usual lens out of the camera obscura and tested each lens from my box by holding it up to the opening in the box. Most of the lenses resulted in horribly out of focus images and will require more work — making lens tubes to fit them, etc. — to see if they can be focused on the ground glass.

However one lens, a single convex lens (flat on one side and convex on the other), in a convenient aluminum frame threw a decent image when held against the opening. I taped this lens in place and headed out to the yard to experiment. I did not stay out too long as the mosquitoes were fierce.

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  1. Interesting images from this lens. Kinda reminded me of the technique of twisting a zoom lens. I can see some elements of motion in most of them,

    Surprised we did not get to see one of the mosquitos – too small? move too fast??

    Comment by Joe Kennedy — 30 June 2019 @ 3:46 PM

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