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11 January 2017

Meeting Houses, Churches, etc.

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My architecture project is coming along nicely.

I started photographing the “tops” of civic buildings back in mid-November. The combination of “winter light” and white clapboard makes for some nice photographs.

This afternoon, I drove up to South Sutton and Bradford to make a few more photographs (see photos below). I think I am almost done.

In between, I have been all over southwestern New Hampshire photographing meeting houses, churches, schools, etc. I have visited a number of towns twice (and a few three times) in hopes of getting the right combination of light and sky.

I made an initial selection of almost 200 photographs from those I processed. Over the past couple of days, I have culled these down to fifty (each of a different building) including the first and third photos in the set shown here.

I am going to “sit on” this selection for a couple of days and then get to work on sequencing the photos. This is the hardest part for me.

Initially, I am planning to present all of the photos in a press-printed book. Once that is done, I will think about a subset to print large (16″x20″) for display in the traditional way.

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Meeting House, South Sutton (detail)
Meeting House, South Sutton (detail)
Meeting House, South Sutton
Meeting House, South Sutton
Church, Bradford
Church, Bradford

P.S. I upgraded WordPress to the most current version (released today) and this seems to have fixed my problems with the gallery software. I have full control of titles and sorting again. I am a happy boy!


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