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6 January 2013

Snowshoe Jaunts

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Just after lunch on the past two days, we headed out on our snowshoes. Rather than heading down the driveway and deciding which way to turn on Brimstone Corner, we headed “down back” into the woods.

Our goal, on both days, were the beaver “swamps” that lie between our house and Willard Pond. These wetlands are more properly called  “wet meadows” according to the book* on wetlands I have been reading.

There are two, roughly parallel  beaver-made wetlands between our house and Willard Pond. A small fraction of the closest one occupies the back of our property and extends roughly half a mile to the north.  The second, lies farther to the west. There is a low ridge and a quarter mile separating the two.

It has been about a week since we have had any new snow and it is quite amazing to see the number of moose and dear tracks crisscrossing the woods. There are also, of course, numerous tracks made by smaller animals.

On Friday, our route followed the edge of “our” beaver meadow and there were a number of places right at the margin of the wet land with dozens of moose prints; spots where they were browsing.  On Saturday, we found a site where a deer had clearly bedded down for a night.

None of these these things make for artistic photos but it is fun seeing them.

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Sunset on "Our" Beaver Meadow
Sunset on
Looking North in "Our" Beaver Meadow
Looking North in
January Skies
January Skies
Beaver Meadow in Winter
Beaver Meadow in Winter


* Swampwalker's Journal: A Wetlands Year by David M. Carroll. Highly recommended!

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