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9 September 2012

Missed Opportunities

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Thursday, Joan and I took the kayaks down to the lake for a quick paddle on a nice quiet evening. I headed under the bridge to the swampy northern section just to see what I could find.

Not more than a minute after I got the camera ready, I spied a pair of spreadwings flying in tandem. I watched as they landed on the stem of an isolated aquatic plant in good evening light. I quickly moved in and positioned myself to get a clear shot with a an uncluttered background; all the while thinking what a great shot this was going to be. I tripped the shutter a single time and off they flew never to be seen again. Total time from first seeing them until losing them… two minutes at the absolute most. And the photo? It was out of focus. Missed opportunities, a common theme in the life of a wildlife photographer!

I paddled along the edge of the lake staying to the ever changing patches of “good light” as the sun dipped lower with each passing minute. There were a number of green frogs taking advantage of the warm sun. There were small numbers of spreadwings and Eastern Forktails present as well.

At one point, I flushed a great blue heron from the edge of the marsh. I was barely fifty feet away when she/he took off and I was glad that she/he was not directly over me when they lightened their load shortly after takeoff! Since the camera was rigged with an extension tube for closeup work (and thus only focuses to about six feet) I could only watch the magnificent sight… another missed opportunity!

Eventually the sun dipped below the ridge and I headed back to the boat launch. Upon my arrival there I noticed the rapidly changing patterns in the clouds. Photographing the clouds kept me fully entertained while waiting for Joan to return.

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  1. Wow Frank. I have never seen blackflies sucking blood out of a green frog. This is a tremendous shot ! I thought the missed opportunities title was the green frog missing his chance to eat these black flies and now they were drinking him!

    Love the cloudscapes


    Comment by Kevin — 9 September 2012 @ 6:30 PM

  2. Considering the number of fantastic odes you have captured over the years, a miss once in a while is to be expected. I agree with “K” on the cloudscapes.

    Have a great camera season, Herr Dr. President!

    Comment by Just Joe — 9 September 2012 @ 8:06 PM

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