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27 February 2023

The End of This Line

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My blog is meant as a way to share current photos not as an archive. Thus, I have decided that the effort to restore all of the photos/galleries to the posts herein is not warranted.

Rather, I am beginning my blog anew over on my recently revamped portfolio website. The address for the new blog is: Further posts will appear there.

I have already added two posts on the new blog and hope that you will head there to see them.

I have taken the liberty of moving the subscriber list from this blog over to the new one. Hopefully (if I have been able to set up the software properly) this means that, going forward, you will auto-magically get emails about new posts as was happening here. Please let me know, if you are not getting email notifications as I make new posts in the near future.

Also, if you decide that you do not want to continue subscribing at the new blog just let me know and I will delete your email address.

23 February 2023


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Blog note… Big trouble in paradise… Updates gone bad.

The careful observer will not that the large majority of posts no longer have any photos attached and the few that do (as a result of my attempts at recovery) have photos that do not match the content.

I’ll spare you all of the gory details but this situation is the result of back end software upgrades gone awry. I was forced to update the database software which completely broke the gallery software used to display the photos. The gallery software was old and unsupported. Updated to a new gallery program and migrated all 5000+ photos in 900+ galleries. The result… a real mess; galleries containing random photos.

I have no clue when, if ever, I’ll get this all sorted out. <Add sad face emoji here.>

Hopefully new posts going forward as of today (23 Feb 2023) should be okay… we will see.

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