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26 April 2018

Bailey Brook

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This afternoon, I spent some time at Bailey Brook in Nelson. This brook has two very nice water falls separated by about a quarter mile of stream containing numerous small cascades. The stream was flowing well as we had about a half inch of rain yesterday.

The lower falls is visible from the road and is the smaller but more photogenic of the two. The upper falls has a very nice swimming hole at its top. I did not avail myself of this amenity today. It was breezy and the temperature was in the mid-50’s! The skies were partly cloudy with periods of bright sun (not so good for photographing waterfalls) and periods of thick clouds (good for the task at hand). The clouds were moving quickly so I never had to wait long for the light to change.

Bailey Brook is one of the few places in our neck of the Monadnock region where I have observed skunk cabbage*. There were newly emerging plants at numerous locations along the edge of the brook.

Damp feet and knees were a small price to pay for the photographs I made.

Color Work

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Black and White Work

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* Edit: Joan says that this plant is American False Hellebore, NOT skunk cabbage. I have enough trouble with odes… plants are too much for me!


24 April 2018

Spring Runoff Redux

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This afternoon I took a walk in the woods behind our house. My goal was to visit (and photograph)  two small woodland streams,

The nearest one (about a quarter mile from the house) was a bust. Too little flow and too much light (contrast).

The second (about another half mile along) panned out well. Just the right combination of flow and light.

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23 April 2018

Spring Runoff

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Last Friday was cool and partly cloudy. Perfect weather for photographing flowing water. The snow is almost gone, but the spring runoff is still near peak.

I spent a bit of time with neutral density filers and tripod, making photographs at two different small woodland streams during the day.

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14 August 2015

Zealand River Falls

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Yesterday, we went back to the Zealand River area. Joan needed to collect seeds from the plants she surveyed about a month ago.

The temperature in the mountains was about 70 degrees and it was most cloudy, not ideal weather for odes but good weather for photographing flowing water. I was more-or-less prepared* to do either!

These photos are of “the Zealand Falls” which are at the head of the valley near the AMC hut. Rather these are much small falls farther down stream; quite near the trail head.

The two falls shown are actually side-by-side on the river. There is a stretch of uninteresting stuff between them, so I photographed them individually.

The first photograph shows the smaller falls (about five feet high) it is on the left as one faces up river. The total fall of larger falls is roughly twenty feet.

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* I did not bring a tripod; only my monopod for odes. Thus no really long exposure “silky water” photos!


1 October 2014

Autumnal Progress

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Thursday afternoon was overcast… perfect weather for photographing running water at slow shutter speeds. Thus, I headed out to make some landscapes. My ultimate goal was Gleason Falls in Hillsborough, but I meandered. I stopped at my usual spot at the bridge on Gregg Lake on my way to the falls.

I photographed Gleason Falls (and the stone arch bridge) last October with lots of leaves on the ground but essentially none left on the trees. I was hoping to get more leaves still on the trees this year and was not disappointed.

After photographing the falls and losing my lens shade in the running water (ugh!), I headed to the nearby Gleason Falls Road stone arch bridge (not to be confused with the Gleason Falls bridge!), the only one of the cluster of stone arch bridges that I did not photograph last year.

The Gleason Fall Road bridge is actually two distinct spans. The main span is over the creek proper and the smaller spans what was once a mill race. The only sign of the mill  is a bit of stone foundation on the side of the road that is well marked with signs saying “private property”.

The bridge is too wide and there are too many obstructions do get a decent photo of the entire bridge.  Thus I photographed each span individually.

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