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2 August 2020

Early Saturday Morning

Yesterday morning, one of the photo groups I belong to met (in Brattleboro) for the first time since March. We met outdoors in a park, wearing masks, etc.

I got up early and left the house before seven hoping to catch some good light and make some photographs. My first stop, as I headed west on Route 9 was “the truck”. This derelict truck sitting in a roadside field in Stoddard has been a favorite subject since it appeared a few years ago.

The light was just perfect and I spent fifteen or twenty minutes photographing “the truck” and its neighbor. I just discovered “the neighbor”, a second derelict truck maybe fifty feet from “the truck” and hidden from the road by some trees. I have no idea how long “the neighbor” has been there. I’ll be going back as the light on “the neighbor” will be best late in the day.

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After breakfast at the diner in Keene (with outdoor seating) my next stop was the Stonewall Farm in western Keene. I took a short stroll around the farm and found lots to photograph.

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My original plan was to make a third stop at the Chesterfield Gorge. However, I looked at the time and decided I did not have time. This was the correct decision as I made it Brattleboro with about twenty minutes to spare before our 10 AM get together.

22 May 2018

Rainy Day Colors

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After finishing my errands this morning, I took a stroll (with camera in hand) around downtown Peterborough in a light rain.

The light was dull and flat, it was not a day for black and white photos, but the rain did make the colors really pop!

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28 October 2017

Photo Pairs

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I made a few new Autumnal Abstracts this past week.

Inspired by this post (at The Online Photographer), I decided to present the new work in pairs.

Choosing the pairs was a interesting process. Starting with about two dozen photographs total, I made and discarded many pairs before settling on these three.

The first pair is comprised of two different exposures of the same small scene (a pair of brightly colored leaves, if my memory serves). I chose the second pair because they both have somewhat linear patterns and they have contrasting palettes; warm colors vs. cool colors. The third pair was chosen because they have similar palettes and both include red in the lower right quadrant.

None of these pairing were planned.

The last pair, however, were intended to be displayed together from the moment I pressed the shutter release back in August (see this post).

What do you think?

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6 November 2016


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Yesterday, while photographing stone walls, I noticed that, when the sun peaked out from behind the clouds, the nearby trees were casting shadows upon a nearby granite ledge.

Me thinks that there might be a project in this idea… we’ll see!

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11 October 2016

Autumnal Abstracts, 2016 Edition

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Yesterday afternoon, I took a walk up the “wild” section of Brimstone Corner to work on the 2016 edition of my Autumnal Abstract series.

This is my third year of making Autumnal Abstracts; here are the 2014 and 2015 versions.

All of these photo are made using a slow shutter speed* and deliberate movement of the camera. A moderate telephoto lens (a zoom set to 80 mm this year) was used. The maxim “less is more” seems to hold here. Thus, the narrow field of view of a telephoto seems to work better than a wider lens.

The resulting exposures are unpredictable and irreproducible; this is what makes it fun!

Processing in the computer is limited to the usual adjustments (black and white point setting, contrast adjustment and cropping). The “abstractness” comes from the camera not the computer.

This year I seem to favor the very abstract with swaths of bold color.

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However, there were a few less abstract frames that caught my eye as well.

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* Typically the shutter speed is in the range of one to four seconds. A neutral density filter is used to achieve these shutter speeds.


19 August 2016

A Peterborough Walk

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Wednesday dawned  partly sunny and windy. I had errands to run so I headed out towards Peterborough before breakfast. After a breakfast sandwich at the local bagel emporium, I spent a bit of time, with camera in hand, wandering downtown.

Here are the “keepers”.

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19 October 2015

Autumnal Abstracts 2015 — Redux

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About two weeks ago, I made my first batch of Autumnal Abstracts for the 2015 season.

Since then, I have ventured out on a few more excursions in search of the ‘proper’ scenes from which to extract more abstractions.

All but the last photograph made using a long exposure (in the range of 6-12 seconds) and deliberate movement of the camera. The only ‘photoshopping’ done to these photos is the processing typically applied to raw files from the camera (i.e. levels adjustment, contrast, etc.).

Many of these are much more abstract than the previous photographs in this series, in that they do not really have any trace of their origin remaining. I would be interested in hearing folks reaction to these photographs.

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13 October 2015

Autumnal Abstracts Et Alia

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It has been about two weeks since I last posted here. I have been busy… photographing! Thus this should be the first in a series of posts in rapid succession that will ‘catch me up’.

A week ago*, I took a late afternoon walk on the un-maintained section of Brimstone Corner Road. Newly fallen leaves were just beginning to accumulate on the ground and I was inspired to add to my collection of Autumnal Abstracts that I began about this time last year. (Also included are a couple of other less abstract photos made in the same time frame. Thus the ‘et al.’.)

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* Tues. 6 Oct to be exact.


20 October 2014

More Abstracts

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Over the past couple of weeks, I have added photographs to both of my recent abstract projects (“Flow” and “Autumnal Abstracts“), here are the latest:


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4 October 2014

Ashuelot Flow

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As I headed north on Route 10 (after my attempt to photograph the Gilsum stone arch bridge) I noticed an obvious parking area with access to the river along the road. I pulled in and a within a couple of dozen steps found myself along a riffled stretch of river with very un-photogenic banks; the light was lousy as well.

Adding a neutral density filter to my lens, which allowed shutter of a few seconds, I spent roughly a half hour exploring the riffles with my camera on the tripod.

Life… Lemons… Lemonade?

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