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16 May 2015

Seed Thieves!

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We keep a few bird feeders out by the greenhouse, just off the deck in back of the house. Watching (and occasionally photographing) the birds the feeders attract is a source of great pleasure in our lives.

However, the feeders are also the cause of great consternation… the neighborhood chipmunks seed thieves have decided that the sunflower seeds in the main feeder have been put there for them.

I keep telling them that the devices are called bird feeders for a reason but they do not seem to listen at all!

The best I have been able to manage is to train the critters who live under our shed to run for their lives when I open the doors leading out to the deck.

The individuals who live in the woods (judging from the direction they run when I chase them off) are still very brave… I have to walk up to the feeder and give it a whack to get them to jump off!

The “fellow” in the photo below sat atop the big rock by the deck and vocalized for some minutes last evening. I am not sure what it was saying (my ability to communicate in chipmunk-ese  is poor; see above), but I imagine that s/he was warning all of the other chipmunks to stay away from the feeder.

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  1. Frank,
    The chipmunks and squirrels in West Bridgewater are much more intelligent but somewhat feisty. I merely posted a sign reminding them the feeder and seed is for the birds. After my planting of the ninth sign, I think they are finally getting the message – or they are filled up with the fodder from my signage!

    Comment by Just Joe — 19 May 2015 @ 6:39 AM

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