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27 May 2019

Garden Flowers in the Studio

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A few days ago, I realized that Joan had at lease nine (and probably more) varieties of daffodils growing around the yard.

I headed out with scissors in hand to collect enough specimens to make a composite three-by-three matrix as I did with maple leaves a week or so ago. *

Today, while photographing the dragonflies, I noticed that the irises down by the vegetable garden were also in full bloom. Thus, just as darkness fell, I snipped an iris and I took it to my basement studio which was still rigged up from photographing the daffodils.

I’m thinking of keeping the studio set up for flowers all summer and the scissors close at hand. There will be many more garden flowers coming along in the next few months!

[scrollGallery id=643 – autoscroll = false width = 600 height = 600 useCaptions = true]

* This time I set up a black cloth for a background. The tricky part of photographing on a small table top with a black background is keeping extraneous light from spilling onto the background and thus making it gray instead of deep black. It took a number of pieces of cardboard used as flags to do the job, but done right, the background require only a small about of “fixing up” in the computer.

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  1. By all means, keep the flower set-up for the summer as we look forward to what grows in the garden and beyond! Now, if only you could get those odes to stay in place for a three by three matrix:)

    Comment by Joe Kennedy — 28 May 2019 @ 7:29 AM

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