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16 May 2019


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This amaryllis has been sitting in our bay window for some weeks now. I look at it over Joan’s shoulder every time we sit down for a meal. Every day, I say to myself “I should make a photo of that.”. Well today was that day!

I taped a black cloth to the window for a background, moved the plant far enough forward so that it was well lit from the sides and made five exposures total… two to get the highlights properly exposed and three at different f/stops to bracket the depth of field.

It took me less than a half hour to go from digging out the black cloth to making this blog post. Ain’t the digital age wonderful?!

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  1. And, well worth the effort.

    Should get this framed for Joan!

    Comment by Joe Kennedy — 16 May 2019 @ 2:01 PM

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