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20 February 2015

Shadow Play

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About a week ago, I headed “down back”. I was expecting fairly harsh light as the skies were mostly clear and light from a low angle in the mid-afternoon, just before the sun dipped below the ridge to the west.

My expectations were met and I was able to make a series of photos of the vegetation sticking up out of the snow casting shadows on the nicely textured snow. Every once in a while nature cooperates with the photographer and his visions!

A couple of days later we got another 10-12 inches of snow and although I have not been down back since, I am sure that there is not much emergent vegetation now!

My next vision involves shadows and wind-blown snow out on the lake. But not today (I think) as the mid-afternoon temperature is hovering right around 10 degrees (and some where around -5 with the wind chill).

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  1. Frank,
    Good thinking on these shadows! #3 and #5 with the foliage worked as they gave more detail to the shadows.

    So you got vegetation sticking out of the snow, eh? I have only the antenna on my car showing through! We used to be concerned with the squirrel climbing up the bird feeder pole, not a concern as the little guy can just walk onto the perch and help himself!!

    Comment by Just Joe — 20 February 2015 @ 5:49 PM

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